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Top image credit: courtesy of Patricia Daniels

Editor’s Notes: Welcome to the ETAS Journal homepage. Assembling every issue is a constant reminder of one of the never-ending challenges of editing ETAS Journal – maintaining the many different kinds of balance we always try to strike. Our goal is to find the delicate balance between the varying academic backgrounds, individual expertise and interests, and professional needs of our readers while also not neglecting their divergent aesthetic tastes. Hence, selecting pieces for publication that will appeal to every reader is often a difficult, even agonizing, task. To this end, we publish articles addressed to specialists interested in innovative work within as well as outside their own subject expertise while offering non-specialists examples of recent pedagogical approaches and new ways of conceiving and engaging the field of ELT. Rather than finding a common ground, we prefer to celebrate diversity. In most editions, we try to combine a Special Supplement as well as our usual Journal rubrics.

Over the past few years, I have spent a fair bit of time thinking about the direction and future of ETAS Journal, in particular, the prospect of mining the creative opportunities of the internet to give our publication a more robust, more vital online presence. This prospect is about to become a reality as we look forward to the launching of the new ETAS website on 12th September 2015. For ETAS Journal, this is a promising start, offering us yet another stride into the future to explore possibilities for developing other electronic initiatives designed to give our printed edition a much larger audience while ensuring its sustainability and preservation. It is our hope that in the foreseeable future, ETAS J will be available in a variety of formats and multiple media for our readers’ reading pleasure.

If we have succeeded in meeting most if not all the needs of our readership, then some of our goals have been achieved.