Summer 2011

Special Supplement: Teaching English to Young Learners

Table of Contents

Main Articles

The evolution of language methods: themes to guide the future / Julie Mangold

Metacognitive strategies in second language reading / Julie Mangold

Cognitive style and learning strategies / JoAnn Salvisberg

Voices of Experience

Extensive reading for Business English students: A waste of time? I don’t think so! /  Dorothy Sommer

Special Supplement: Teaching English to Young Learners

Am I repeating myself? Yes, I teach young learners / Dorothy Sommer

Primary English Language Teaching: A new trend / Caroline Briggs Ambrosi de Magistris Verzier

What’s in your hand? Using the iPod touch for learning English: The benefits and challenges of m-Learning / Kim Ashmore

Teaching English as a Second Language at Silobi Primary School, Zimbabwe / Teddy Hadebe

The learning affordances of picturebooks / Sandie Mourão

The ESL pre-school toolbox / Kate Egerton

Teaching with Bear: What teachers ask… / Mary Slattery

Language learning can be fun / Diane Simmons-Tomczak

Cross-curricular language learning through IMI – Involuntary Musical Imagery / Carole Nicoll

Classroom management and young learners / Naomi Moir

Responding to the challenges of the YL EFL classroom: A proactive approach / Ruth Benvegnen

Relaxation in the classroom / Marneta Viegas

Taking over a language school / Sarah Pralong


And more…

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