Spring 2014

Special Feature: ETAS Crossing Border: Voices from France

Surely one of these articles will have the conceptual richness to enthrall, provoke, or delight you.

Table of Contents

Main Articles

Pronunciation in English as a Lingua Franca: A brief introduction / Laura Patsko

Some thoughts on teaching reading for new language teachers / Adam John Simpson

Surprising humanity! Comparing ideal classmates in two countries / Tim Murphey and Septina Nur Iswanti

Voices of Experience

Four great things to do with newspapers / Adam John Simpson

Why bring a child into this world? / Kieran Donaghy

Songs in the key of ELT: “Don’t worry about the government” / James Taylor

Clarice Lispector’s “writing by ear” for the creative writing classroom / Malu

Versatile stories / Elsbeth Mäder

Teaching, not testing, listening skills / William Chaves Gomes

ETAS Crossing Borders: Voices from France

English as a medium of instruction in French higher education / Divya Madhavan

Teaching the French / Bethany Cagnol

Play, fail, have fun: Improvisational theater activities in Business English training / Christina Rebuffet-Broadus

It takes two to tango: The dynamic interaction of emotional and psychological aspects in foreign language learning / Jean-Marc Dewaele

And more…

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