Winter 2011

Special Supplement: Teacher Training 

Table of Contents

Main Articles

Pragmatics as the new EFL catchphrase / Sabrina Gerland-Mallon

Teaching and living with two or more languages / Francois Grosjean

Becoming a digital teacher /Timothy Black

Voices of Experience

Teaching German to pre-schoolers in the US / Theresa Schenker and Angelika Kraemer

Laugh and learn with literature / Nasy Inthisone Pfanner

The Word of the Week and other ideas for Business English classes / Vicky Loras

Versatile Christmas cards / Elsbeth Mäder


SPECIAL Supplement: Teacher Training 

CELTA, a course well worth doing / Bianca Müller

A CELTA survival story / Amy Jost

A CELTA experience / Nicholas Winter

CELTA: Guilty as charged? / Anthony Gaughan

Learning and developing: a conversation at SIG Day / Heidi Riggenbach

Developing as a teacher /John Potts

John Potts, a multifaceted, ever informative trainer: A conversation / Elizabeth Ulrich    

Internship report / Uugantsetseg  Lkhagva

Training at our private language school / Nina Blaettler

Evidence-based teaching / Alex Thorp

And more…

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