A message from the President  – Yuval Shomron

Welcome to the ETAS website!

We have recently updated our website. It is still a work in progress.

If this is your first visit, welcome aboard. You’ll find oodles of information and resources on the various pages. We recently held our 2022 Professional Development Day in Bern. It was, as usual, both informative and fun. The plenaries and workshops were all of high quality and thought provoking. We always learn new tricks and ideas from each other, whether in a group together, or just over a coffee. The amazing Events Team worked for months previous to the day and everything was organized perfectly.

Check out the photos from PD Day here!

One of the highlights for me personally was welcoming so many new volunteers and team members. There are a lot of people involved in such an event behind the scenes. Willing hands and willing hearts make the task lighter and more enjoyable. We can always use more ambassadors, volunteers, and presenters. I am convinced that many of you have an idea or discovery that is worth sharing with the rest of us. Think about helping out in some way or presenting a workshop.

The 39th annual AGM is coming up in January 2023. Click here for details!

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