Winter 2015

Special Supplement: Cross-Cultural Communication and ELT

Table of Contents

Main Article

Word-formation for upper-intermediate level students / Daniel Xerri

Voices of Experience

Building student confidence: Six ways to help students lead the way / Maria Theologidou

Versatile walks and talks / Elsbeth Mäder

Special Supplement: Cross-Cultural Communication and ELT

Foreword / David Kaufher and Christina Kwok


On training techniques: The ‘golden treasure’ – Interview with Matthew Hill / David Kaufher and Christina Kwok

Voices of Cross Cultural Experience

Is the native speaker model dead? / Barry Tomalin

What’s in a word? How cultural identity narratives are hidden in our language / George F. Simons

An American-Laotian in Austria / Nasy Inthisone Pfanner

Murdering the bread / Elsbeth Mäder

Cross Cultural Communication in Educational Settings

Cultural skills and their role in primary education in Switzerland / Illya Arnet-Clark

Intercultural communication skills in an academic context / Sylvia Goetze Wake

Cross-cultural competence and culturally responsive curriculum and instruction in higher education / Larissa Chuprina

Business English and Intercultural Training

When language training ends: Building intercultural fluency / Matthew MacLachlan

Testing intercultural competence in academic and corporate contexts: The WHAT and HOW / Judith Mader and Rudi Camerer

Intercultural universe: Replacing the iceberg / Linda Vignac

Bridging east-west communication styles / Christina Kwok

Looking through the bamboo curtain: When a contract is not a contract / Christina Kwok

Building trust across cultures in a virtual environment / Jackie Black

Communicating and leading across borders / Jillaine Farrar

And more…

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