Winter 2014

Special Supplement: Creative Writing and ELT

Table of Contents


Creative writing for language learners (and teachers) / Alan Maley

English teachers positioning themselves as poets / Daniel Xerri

Creative writing and drama as ‘difference’ in the second language classroom / David Sandbrook  


Creative writing for students and teachers: Some practical ideas / Alan Maley  

Learners as writers: Notes from a creative writing workshop / Carolyn Skelton

Measurements / Kevin Stein

Imaginative responses: Integrating creative writing tasks into a university survey course on Scottish Literature / John Corbett

Readability factors in language learner literature / Marcos Benevides

Using cinquain poems to teach creative writing / Anne Hendler

Re-imagining fairy tales / Jo Cummins

Versatile topics: A Rollercoaster of creative writing / Elsbeth Mäder

The greatest creative writing activity ever / Adam John Simpson

Poetry and ‘plessos’: Student-teacher email exchange / Caroline J. Grünig-Manton

Creative writing and ELT: Incidental treasure chest / Brigit Zogg

Rhyming for vocabulary and pronunciation / Graham Tritt

Teaching creative writing to dyslexic students / Rachael Harris

And more…

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