Winter 2021/2022

The theme of the Focus section in the Winter Journal is on the receptive skills of reading and listening. Topics such as authentic listening, the value of teacher research, English for aviation, and how to introduce reading materials to students in a systematic way illustrate the diversity and practical nature of the articles. We hope to motivate and engage not only English language teachers with this Journal but also teacher trainers and learners.

Table of Contents

6  President’s page
7  From the Editor’s desk
8  Call for articles
10  ETAS news: Join our team!
11  Teacher Talking Time encouraged?
12  AT THE CHALK FACE Listening: The power of prediction by Chris Richards
14 THE INTERVIEW Louise Kulbicki in conversation with Matt Firth
18  SUSTAINABILIT AGAIN by Sylvia Goetze Wake
19  ASK ALEX …


20 Introduction to Focus: receptive skills: Reading and listening • Zoe Smith
22 Teaching L2 listening: Challenges and solutions • Sheila Thorn
24 Reading for pleasure: Get your students started • Verissimo Toste
26 Introducing graded reading for the maximum chance of success • Dr Rob Waring
28 The key is the key to discovery learning: Integrating grammar and lexis into receptive skills tasks for FCE, CAE, and IELTS with input-oriented answer keys • Jeremy Phillips
30 The listening log—The most underrated tool for developing learners’ listening skills? • Jim Fuller
32 Get more out of listening• Zoltàn Rézműves
34 Let them perform actions: Using input-based tasks for authentic language use in the EFL classroom • Luzia Sauer
36 Listening to read: Supporting young learners in developing L2 literacy • Lisa Horvath
38 Native-speakerism and pronunciation instruction in France • Christopher Hunt
40 Two takes on listening skills in air traffic communication Article 1. Pilots’/Controllers’ voice communication:
The challenges of listening and comprehension • Djibril Traore
42 Article 2. Optimal listening for optimal understanding in non-routine air traffic communication issues • Michel Ekouaghe Ndong, MSc
44 How e-learning authoring tools can help develop receptive skills • Phil Martin
46 Focus on decoding: Listening skills in the English classroom • Beth Stacey
48 Take-aways from DELTA Module 2: Authentic listening online • Filip Bigos
50 Representing a diverse world: An introduction to inclusive materials • Lottie Galpin
52 Reading between the lines: A lesson plan on inferencing • Lorenzo Sclocco
54 Reading for précis-ion: Creating a framework for reading journal articles • Zoe Smith
56 FROM THE ARCHIVES Receptive skills: Reading and listening


62 Introduction to resources • Hannah McCulloch
70 AFTER CLASS Geoff Tranter

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