Spring 2018

Begin with delight, end in wisdom! That’s the promise this Spring 2018 edition offers with not one but two Special Supplements: Drama and Theater in Education and Research Literacy Part 2. So, you’ve already guessed that something’s up, what with Roger Akesson’s brushstrokes swooshing colours across the cover. And then, a page later, the Table of Contents yields not one but two Special Supplements – this issue quickly announces itself as special. Well, what better way to mark ETAS Journal’s 35th year anniversary?

Table of Contents

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: Drama and Theater in Education

Foreword / Eva Göksel and Nicole Küpfer


Exploring Drama in Education: An interview with Professor Jonothan Neelands / Eva Göksel


Small avalanches, big impact: Diving into literature through drama in the high school English classroom / Eva Göksel

The Creature Methodology: Reflexivity and the applied theatre practitioner in training / Nicola Abraham


(No) drama with grammar! Drama-based approaches to teaching grammar / Kristina Hietz

Let there be drama! Implementing drama in education in teacher training programmes / Dominik Unterthiner

Experiences and strategies integrating drama for SLA and academic skills development with Vietnamese tertiary students /

   Richard Bond

Jeans stories: Staging globalisation / Stefanie Giebert

Listen & Watch: An audio-play project / Hildegard Elisabeth Keller

Drama in my classroom / Angeliki Voreopoulou

PLAY: Participate, Laugh, Achieve language aims, be Yourself / Natalia Gonzalez


‘It’s poetry, not drama!’: The value of performing poetry / Daniel Xerri

A touch of drama: A teacher’s personal and professional reflection / Patricia Daniels

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: Research literacy Part 2 – Supporting teacher research in English Language Teaching

Foreword / Daniel Xerri   


‘Research by teachers for teachers’: Richard Smith on teacher research / Daniel Xerri

Supporting teacher research in English Language Teaching

Research as meaning-making: Four approaches to teachers studying their own classrooms / Donald Freeman

Action research: Helping you and your learners get to the heart of the matter / Lynn Williams-Leppich

First steps towards achievable action research / Bushra Ahmed Khurram and Steve Mann

Academic writing from a tutor’s perspective / Susanne Oswald

Educational research: A reflection / Daniel Xerri


A doctoral journey: The first steps / Patricia Daniels

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