Teacher-to-Teacher Projects

ETAS Teacher-to-Teacher (t2t) projects are aimed at making a financial contribution to support English teachers and/or their students in a geographical region where there is a clear lack of the resources and opportunities we enjoy in Switzerland. The t2t projects also promote contextually appropriate professional development and provide an ETAS member the opportunity to gain experience as a Fundraising Coordinator.

There have been many projects undertaken and supported by the ETAS membership over the years in different countries such as Romania, India, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.ETAS is currently seeking one or more new t2t projects to support.

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Education For Youth In Myanmar

Education For Youth In Myanmar

THE MYANMAR TEACHER-TO-TEACHER PROJECT ETAS’ new Teacher-to-Teacher project was successfully launched at the PD-Day on Saturday, 17 September 2016 in Zug. Susie Oswald, a long time ETAS member and co-RC Central Switzerland, serves as co-organiser of the new ETAS teacher-to-teacher project, together with her son Phillip, also a CELTA-certified English teacher besides studying for an MA…