Summer 2023

Focus: Mental Health

Summer Journal 2023

Table of Contents

6  President’s message

7  From the Editor’s desk

8  Call for articles and reviews

10  ETAS news

11  Ask Alex

From face-to-face to online at a Japanese university: The benefits and challenges of online learning for Japanese university students • Pak Man Au

Teen stress: A lesson plan on mental health • Lorenzo Sclocco

The joyful daily life of a primary and secondary level teacher Interview with Rachael Harris •
Leanne Hayes

20 The English spelling  heritage  •Benedicte Gravrand

22 Native-speakerism in English teaching and learning: A limited perception of English continues to affect attitudes and practices in Switzerland  • Sylvia Goetze, Forugh Semadeni, and Karen Greaney

25  FOCUS • Mental health

26  Cold showers and ice baths to overcome teachers’ stresses        • Dr Gabina Funegra

28 Harnessing the power of gratitude for better mental health and well-being for all ages • Anna Stando

30 How honeymoons can become nightmares: The story of burnout • Hannah Holden

32 Imposter syndrome and how it holds you back as an ELT freelance teacher • Rachael Roberts

34 Mental health in ELT: Action research and personal reflections • Phil Longwell

36 School phobia • Rachael Harris

38 Tango Zen • Chan Park

40 Things we have to accept • Erin O’Byrne



42  Introduction ETAS 39th Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM)

43  Adaptable exercises for student-chosen  articles• Catherine Bartl Shultis

43  Adapting course materials :One for  all and all  for one?  Pearson and the BBC introduce Speakout 3rd edition and Pearson English Connect: A game changer! • Mary Schnueriger

44  Become proficient at editing and proofreading • Dr Carol Waites

45  Building rapport means building success • Urs Kalberer

46  Business writing: What can we do better? • Ian McMaster

46 Driving authentic communication through critical incidents • Alex Warren

46  Project-Based Service Learning in the ELT classroom •  Sara Stevens

47  Teaching multilevel learners: Mixed ability or mixed blessing?                          • Anna Bennett

48  The pleasure of teaching: Round table  discussion• Dorinda Maio-Phillips

48  Using digital tools to train career skills and promote student community in tertiary education • Birte Horn

49  Using technology-enhanced learning activities to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes • Anna Bennett

50  Photos from the ETAS 39th Annual Conference and AGM                     



52  Introduction to resources • Carol Waites BOOK REVIEW

53  Oxford Discover Futures Level 1 Teacher Digital Pack • Dr Lesley June Fearn



54  Proofreading with PerfectIt • Leanne Hayes

55  Digital tools: Padlet and Wakelet • Dr Carol Waites

56  Linguahouse: Digital lessons and worksheets

• Erika Gonçalves Fauchère


57  What is ChatGPT? • Dr Carol Waites

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