Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Main Articles

The ESP coursebook: an essential lifeline for CELTA grads / Ros Wright

Understanding cultural communication / Chia Suan Chong

Learning styles / Marjorie Rosenberg

Cross-cultural discussion forums in the foreign language classroom / Fiona Poorman and Theresa Schenker

Voices of Experience

10 tips for the next stage / Rohun Gupta 

A classroom full of poets / James Taylor

Where do your stories come to life? / Maria Luisa Sciamarelli   

Real beauty / Kieran Donaghy

From classroom noise to the language of learning / Kevin Stein

Getting students to talk / William Chaves Gomes

CLIL and cultural diversity / Vicky Saumell

Versatile souvenirs / Elsbeth Mäder

Helping upper-intermediate learners to recognize speech acts and use discourse markers / Roseli Serra

And more…

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