Winter 2018

In this issue. In this Winter 2018 edition we are delighted to welcome you back with a compelling collection of articles and tried-and-tested classroom practices from a broad variety of locations, highlighting diverse perspectives and approaches, all with clear implications for the field of English Language Teaching as well as for us as ELT professionals.

Table of Contents

SPECIAL FEATURE: Retirement: What now?

Foreword / Caroline Grünig and Elsbeth Mäder

A lifetime inn English teaching / Briony Beaven

Enjoying flexibility as life’s learning challenges continue/ Susan Manton

Waiting for the dust to settle/ JoAnn Salvisberg

Retiring from ELT: A crime?/  Alison Taylor

Off to new horizons/ Heather Murray


SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT:  A teacher’s guide to excelling in teaching Business English

 ForewordMarkus Jürgen Dietz


Keeping your eye on the prize: Insights from Ian McMaster/ David Kaufher

Supplementary materials in the Business English classroom / Marjorie Rosenberg

The right place, the right time: Carrying out speaking activities effectively / Kirsten Waechter

Peer feedback in presentations training / Helen Strong

Dada for Business English: Innovation in the classroom / Roy Bicknell

Risk, effort, motivation, and success in Business English teaching / Iwonna Dubicka

Project-based learning in the Business English classroom / Birte Horn

Activities to simulate authentic project-based business communication/Alan Simpson

Intercultural competence in effective international communication / Chia Suan Chong

Beyond language: Paradox and opportunity for Business ELT / Bob Dignen

Workplaces today are multilingual: The importance of mediation skills / Angela Lloyd


Being useful, authentic and empowering: An interview with Professor Sylvie Donna/Emilia Siravo

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