Summer 2015

Special Supplement: Teaching English to Teens 

Table of Contents

Main Article

   L1: A useful resource in the English language classroom? / Margarida Pereira

Voices of Experience

Dialogues: Moving away from the words on the page in five easy steps / Kevin Stein

The nine golden rules of using games in the language classroom / Adam John Simpson

Research-based Study

Hot topic homework: Why it’s all worth it (really) / Lynn Williams Leppich

Inspired/Inspiring Practices

Teaching teenagers: Issues of motivation and discipline / Philip Prowse and Judy Garton-Sprenger

The secret lives of Walter Mitty and Stanley Stone, or: Writing inspired by reading / Brigit Zogg

Teaching teenagers (when you are not used to them!) / Tessa Woodward

Picturebooks for teenagers: The House that Crack Built / Sandie Mourão

A teen-friendly overview of the verb grammar of English narrative / Seth Lindstromberg

Classroom noise and authoritativeness / Elena Antonopoulos

This is boring…or is it? A fresh look at motivating teenagers / Rob Dean

Using avatars in activities with teenagers / Elsien Gale

Teaching teen bookworms / Vicky Loras

 And more …

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