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The mission of the ETAS Journal is to be an outstanding international ELT journal that will link the needs of English teachers and language teaching professionals for practical but stimulating tips for day-to-day teaching and for professional enhancement with insights drawn from academic disciplines and scholarly practices. We also aim to provide a forum for ETAS members and the ELT teaching professionals to exchange ideas and information on instructional methods and techniques, curriculum and materials development, assessment of needs within the profession, testing and evaluation, and implications and applications of research in the teaching of English.

ETAS Journal Issue Archive

These past issues of ETAS Journal and the most current issue are here for you to explore and enjoy!

This diverse collection is a valuable resource full of ELT reflections, shared teaching experiences, critical engagement with the literature of the times, as well as practical material for everyday use in language teaching contexts.

ETAS Journal Editors' Choice

Don’t know where to start? Welcome to the ETAS Journal’s newest initiative – the ETAS Journal Editors’ Choice!

Against a set of criteria, the Editorial Board picks some of their personal highlights from a selection of articles published in ETAS Journal. This is a new service designed to showcase relevant ELT articles of broad readership interest to English teachers and ELT professionals in Switzerland and elsewhere.

Looking for inspiration? Take it from the bookshelves of our ever-reading members of the Editorial Board and explore the Editors’ Choice selections here.

Books and materials for review

ETAS is fortunate to have the support of publishers and materials providers who make available the latest in teacher support materials: course books, resource books, teaching tools, apps and other resources as they come on the market. We offer the materials for review and the Book Reviews Editor sometimes asks ETAS members to review materials directly. ETAS members are invited to offer to review materials and can also suggest materials for review. Reviewers will be able to keep the materials they review! The lists of materials are updated on a regular basis.

Online Teaching Resources

Due to the growing interest in moving language teaching online, we've created a selection of resources to assist you make the transition. 

There are a broad range of diverse links below relating to online teaching, e.g. free online courses to help you get started, information about ICTs for language teaching, resource repositories, webinars about online teaching and so much more. 

We hope this information helps you to deepen your understanding of online teaching and learning. If a link doesn't take you to your designated spot, try copy and pasting it instead.