Connect, Grow, Thrive

ETAS Online Teacher Talking Time

Believe it or not – we’ve set up a place where TTT is encouraged and appreciated!

Please join us for our monthly ETAS Online TTT Sessions launched online in April 2020 during lockdown.  Our online TTT Sessions are where teachers can meet to talk, share and enjoy each other’s company.We look forward to welcoming teachers throughout Switzerland so, together, we can create a unique chance to connect with others from different regions of the country.

Lausanne -- "So-Pro" virtual Apéros -- 2021

Mid-week "So-Pro" Apéros in 2021  -- First event on 10 February, 8:30-9:30 pm

Don't let the pandemic cramp your style! Unwind mid-week and develop friendships with other teaching professionals in the Romandie community at our quasi-monthly social / professional networking apéros -- all from the comfort of your own home! Don't forget to BYOB!

ELT Academic Reading Group

Every month there is an ELT Academic Reading group held in St. Gallen. The group is free and it’s open to ETAS members and non-ETAS members.