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Baden – Creative Writing Workshop – for all levels – 13th May 2017

In this creative writing workshop, writer and trainer Carolyn Skelton will take you through several creative writing exercises that you can use with your students - and which will also enhance your own skills in this area. We will look at activities for all language levels, ranging from warmers and fillers to exercises that can be developed into complete lessons. 

Lausanne -13th May 2017 - Behaviour Management in the Teen Classroom

Behaviour Management is probably the number one issue in the teens classroom, an issue that must be dealt with effectively before any learning can take place. While there are no instant solutions this workshop will provide suggestions to help behaviour management in the and offer ideas that can help teachers who have a  class full of students with different characters, motivations and learning needs in their classroom. 

Baden – Vocabulary Activities for Young Learners – 27th May 2017

In this seminar Graham Workman, who is a well-known teacher trainer, will show us vocabulary-learning activities for specific topic areas using a combination of picture dictations, communicative crosswords, language and content games, specially designed board games, Total Physical Response, and websites for Primary teachers.  Handouts on the material will be provided.

Lausanne - 11th November 2017 - Using Literature to Teach English

Graham Workman’s seminar will take place on a Saturday morning at the Continental Hotel opposite Lausanne station.  The first half of the seminar will provide four different ways of exploiting poems so they can be used for vocabulary development, creative writing and practice with the rhythm and sounds of English.  The second half will present and practise three ways of getting learners to discuss short stories.  Participants will be provided with copies of short stories to read before the seminar and numerous further resources will be provided on the day.