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ETAS Library info

Library terms of use and payment
Items can be borrowed from the ETAS Library for 45 days.

Six mailings cost CHF 35.-

Please pay into our postal account:
ETAS, Zürich 80-43533-3
(IBAN: CH10 0900 0000 8004 3533 3 / BIC: POFICHBEXXX)

  • A maximum of 3 items (including any accompanying books, CDs, etc.) will be shipped per order. However, you are welcome to give additional titles in case one is currently out on loan. Titles that are not sent will be disregarded. Priority goes to items 1, 2, 3 in the order form.
  • If a book you wanted is out on loan, a form will be sent to you enabling you to reserve the missing book, should you still require it. The book will then be sent to you when it is returned to the library.
  • To request an extension, please contact ETAS Administration before the return-by date, quoting the title, ID number and return-by date of the borrowed items. If the books have not been reserved by another member, you will be given a new return-by date.
  • This service is only available to current ETAS members with an address in Switzerland.

Ordering online

First, check out our online catalogue. 

When you found an item, copy its title and ISBN into the online order form, complete the form and submit.

After you successfully submit the form, you will see a confirmation page. You should receive a maximum of three items by normal post a few days later.

Is the item you want not in the catalogue?

If the item you want is not in the catalogue, ETAS may be able to acquire it for the library. Please send your suggestions to the Library Sub-Committee at

Don't forget to include:

  • the book title(s)
  • author
  • publisher and
  • any comments you may have.

Infrequent Users

Online ordering from the Library is only available to Priority Users (see above information about payment). However, members who use the library infrequently may download the order form as pdf, complete it, and mail with CHF 7.– in Swiss Postage Stamps, to ETAS Administration, Im Hubel 3, 6210 Sursee. Download Order Form pdf