37th Annual Conference 2021

Date(s): 16 – 16 January 2021

  • 2021 Annual Conference Presenters’ Materials
  • Some feedback from the attendees:
    “”It’s amazing to see how ETAS manages to pull off a whole conference online, including a wonderful selection of inspirational workshops and plenary talks.””
    “”As well as meeting some interesting new people I came away with new inspiration for my own teaching voyage.””
    “”Organised with Swiss precision and carried out with a great sense of community. I left feeling joy and that I had contributed and learned at the same time.””
    “”Although I missed the face-to-face, the conference was still a brilliant opportunity to re-connect with professional colleagues from around Switzerland. Hurray ETAS!””
    “”ETAS EASY. So easy to: learn clever things, wander around, see the books, find friends, chat, find the rooms, park one’s avatar, fetch a quick cuppa, enjoy – and avoid the queue at the ladies’ loo!””

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