2020 Annual Conference Presenters’ Materials

What did the attendees say? 

Here are some direct quotes from our event participants’ feedback!

  • “As a first-time attendee and teaching student, I was blown away by just how friendly everyone was. I truly felt “at home” and will surely be coming again, thank you!”
  • “It’s not just the great workshops but the chance to share with other English teachers that makes ETAS events a must!”
  • “I made wonderful connections, found a Learning Management system for my classroom and was introduced to a new series of Business Language books that I would never had known of otherwise.”
  • “Join ETAS, it is a wonderful association and the only one of its kind in Switzerland. If you wish to contribute to your development then ETAS is the place where you can connect, grow and thrive.”
  • “There’s no need to feel lost and lonely in the Swiss world of ELT, because there’s ETAS. Take home some good ideas, meet people, you’re not alone!”
  • “The perfect chance to connect with experienced professionals in the field, peruse the latest materials from a range of creators, learn valuable new teaching skills, and be reminded of the important things you may have forgotten, all in the truly convivial and supportive environment of your peers.”

2020 ETAS Annual Conference Presenters Slides

We had yet another full programme of amazing presentations, talks and workshops this year! Many of our speakers have agreed to make their slides available to our members. Click the links below to access the files. 

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This post is related to 36th Annual Conference and AGM 2020 on Saturday, January 18, 2020