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Helping ELT professionals embrace awareness, critical thinking, and action around sustainability is the key focus of this ETAS group. Education is an essential factor in addressing climate change (United Nations). (Read more)

The Sustainability SIG has two main objectives:

  1. to support and facilitate the efforts of English teachers in Switzerland to incorporate topics and critical reflection related to the climate emergency in their language classrooms by sharing and promoting creative and relevant resources, ideas, and approaches.
  2. to guide ETAS as an association as it aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities and mitigate the effects of climate crisis on its members.

Your participation is vital: In order to work towards these goals, members are invited to contribute in a variety of ways. Do you have a suggestion, an idea or just want to introduce yourself or learn more? Get in touch by e-mail here. The Sustainability SIG coordinator is Sylvia Goetze (Social and Environmental Justice Ambassador).

Upcoming events are announced in the ETAS newsletter (contact the ETAS administrator if you don’t receive it yet) and on the ETAS members’ Facebook page (not a member yet?).

Past events include regular workshops at the annual conference and more:

Jan 2022: In a symbolic vote, ETAS members indicated their overwhelming support for this climate emergency declaration: ‘ETAS recognises and commits to act on both the impact of our association on climate change and the effects of the climate crisis on our activities and members’. 

Jan 2022: Workshop ‘Developing collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking by including sustainability in the classroom’ at the ETAS 38th annual conference

Sept 2021: The PD Day in Bern was held as a more sustainable conference, with significant efforts to reduce the carbon footprint related to food and transport in particular.

April 2021: Teacher talking time session ‘Including environmental issues in the classroom’.

Jan 2021: Workshop ‘Climate justice, racial justice: why it matters in the English classroom and what we can do’ at the ETAS 37th annual conference

Jan 2020: Workshop ‘Sustainability and climate change: what is our role as educators?’ at the ETAS 36th annual conference

Useful resources: as a start, here are a few essential tools, courses and communities to inspire you!

ELT Sustainable – themed lesson plans, tips and videos, and a course for teachers… will help you ‘green-up your ELT classroom’

Renewable English – blog, lesson materials and projects ‘created to help educators and learners in their quest to be more sustainable’

ELT Footprint community – the place to be for ELT professionals connecting about sustainability (also on Facebook)

Treehugger – a media site ‘dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream’ for over 20 years


Since Spring 2020, the ETAS journal has featured a regular column about Sustainability. Interested in contributing? Contact the publication team or get in touch with the Sustainability SIG coordinator to work together on an article.