Past Sustainability SIG events

September 2023: Workshop ‘What it’s earth – incorporating sustainability education into EAP classroom’ by Laura Hudson from CENGAGE at the PD Day in Bern

Jan 2022: In a symbolic vote, ETAS members indicated their overwhelming support for this climate emergency declaration: ‘ETAS recognises and commits to act on both the impact of our association on climate change and the effects of the climate crisis on our activities and members’. 

Jan 2022: Workshop ‘Developing collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking by including sustainability in the classroom’ at the ETAS 38th annual conference

Sept 2021: The PD Day in Bern was held as a more sustainable conference, with significant efforts to reduce the carbon footprint related to food and transport in particular.

April 2021: Teacher talking time session ‘Including environmental issues in the classroom’.

Jan 2021: Workshop ‘Climate justice, racial justice: why it matters in the English classroom and what we can do’ at the ETAS 37th annual conference

Jan 2020: Workshop ‘Sustainability and climate change: what is our role as educators?’ at the ETAS 36th annual conference