Yuval Shomron

President and Independent Teachers Chair

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Born in Missouri, Yuval lived in Israel for 33 years before coming to Switzerland in 2010. He has travelled extensively, having lectured in 17 of the 31 American states he has visited, and 12 of the 25 countries. He taught music for 22 years before becoming a music producer and finally spent eight years as the Jerusalem Bureau chief for an American radio network, doing daily news spots and videos, and occasionally appearing on television. He now has his own small language school for adult learners in Schaffhausen canton. He has had over 300 articles, poems, and songs published. He has been an ETAS member since 2015. He has a BA in music and education, an MA in journalism, and a PHD in education.

Sylvia Goetze Wake


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Sylvia’s experience in language teaching and training in Switzerland has been intertwined with two decades of involvement with ETAS. A regular conference participant and presenter, her current role as Secretary to the executive committee involves planning meeting agendas with the president, taking minutes and supporting short-term projects of interest to the association. She joined the Committee in January 2022.