Global explorers and 21st century skills

  • Session D

Presenter(s): Katherine Stannett

As teachers, we know that students benefit greatly from the support of knowledgeable persons such as teachers, parents and peers. In the classroom, it can be easy to fall into a routine of treating students as passive recipients of this knowledge. But we know that active learners are more motivated, learn better and retain more. How can we encourage our teenage learners to become active participants in the classroom? How can we build an environment where all students are engaged in the learning process and feel inspired, involved and motivated? In this session, I will be looking at creative tasks that can be used in any classroom to help students express their point of view in English and take responsibility for their own learning. Through these activities, we can transform our classrooms into creative, active learning environments that appeal to all types of learners, with different availabilities and a range of interests.