Famous Swiss women? What famous Swiss women?

  • Session D

Presenter(s): Laurie Theurer & the co-author team

Whilst doing the research for her book Swisstory: The Bloody, Untold and Absolutely Real History of Switzerland, award-winning author Laurie Theurer stumbled upon a great many amazing and inspiring Swiss women…but nobody seemed to know much about them or hadn’t heard of them at all! She decided this needed to change. With a team of four co-authors (Katie Hayoz, Barbara Nigg, Alnaaze Nathoo, and Anita Lehmann) plus illustrator Mireille Lachausse, she created 50 Amazing Swiss Women: True Stories You Should Know About, a powerful, inspiring, and accessible collection of short, illustrated biographies, published by Bergli Books on 7th February 2021 – exactly fifty years after women got the vote in Switzerland. The book is available in English, French, and German, and is suitable for ages 8 and over.

In this session, the authors will share their passion for this book and the powerful message it conveys. They will discuss how the stories lend themselves for use in the classroom and will provide simple and inspirational lesson plans.