Building a new normality: which approach to virtual teaching best suits your context?

  • Session C

Presenter(s): Carol Waites

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When we return to a new normality, what can we keep from our recent virtual experience and transfer to our future teaching? This workshop identifies different types of online teaching approaches adapted to different geographical constraints, differing client needs, and different teaching contexts and constraints. We will consider theoretical models for online teaching such as ADDIE, Salmon’s five-stage-model, Bloom’s revised taxonomy. The virtual teaching models include:

  • a virtual classroom model, which replicates the face-to-face teaching mode with a virtual webinar tool,
  • hybrid or blended models with a substantial e-learning component, and
  • fully online with an e-learning platform.

For each model, we will consider the tools, the features, the weighting and the various evaluation approaches.

  • 2021 Annual Conference Presenters’ Materials