Public Schools

Are you an English teacher at a Swiss public school? Are you interested in broadening your horizon? Building new connections? Sharing experiences and even material?

Then join our Teacher Talking Time discussion round! We would love to get to know you and offer a discussion round to talk about similarities as well as differences in teaching English at public schools all over Switzerland. Furthermore, we are keen on hearing more about your daily ups but also downs to support you in mastering this wonderful profession.

Although the curricula as well as the coursebooks vary from canton to canton, English teachers at Swiss public schools share similar school philosophies as well as common challenges. The Public Schools special interest group (PSSIG) brings these teachers closer together and promotes an exchange across the boarders of the cantons to discuss similarities as well as differences. The aim is to offer a platform to broaden horizons and build new connections as well as share experiences and material.

Feel free to get in touch with Bettina Coppens, the SIG leader, to learn more and become part of this group. Inputs and suggestions are most welcome: