2017 Annual Conference Presenters’ Materials

ETAS Members and guests who attended our 33rd Annual Conference and AGM were inspired and challenged by internationally renowned plenary speakers Sarah Mercer, Jeremy Harmer, Herbert Puchta and Carole Robinson, and 35+ other workshop presenters. Each presenter gave us unique insights into their respective fields of ELT, as participants took notes, shared ideas, and enjoyed the exceptional networking possibilities with like-minded from all over Switzerland and neighboring countries.

Complete Program (PDF)

Michael Carrier

The digital teacher

Annette Dobler-Angelone

Early Foreign language Policy in Switzerland

Rachael Harris

30 things to do with paper

Ben Hoyt

Soft skills, hard skills and hard cash

Mirjam Jaeger

Podcasts – authentic listening practice

Lori Kaithan

Positive impact of computer-based exams

Olaf Lenders

On the fly

Ian McMaster

From theory to practise …

Steve Oakes

The eavesdropping effect

Peach Richmond

Shakespeare in love

Michelle Schirpa

Active listening

Yval Shomron

Using songs and videos to teach English

Clark Stoppia

Cultural intelligence

Carol Waites

Trials & Tribulations of designing an online writing course

Guy Whites

Putting practical into practice

Alison Wiebalck

Towards an understanding of by and until

Jon Wright

Getting more from your coursebook

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