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Open Position in Different schools in cantons as Zurich, Basel, Fribourg, Zug

Language assistant at public schools

Part-time position - Starting in August 2018

Would you like the opportunity to spend a year living and working in Switzerland? By becoming a Language Assistant in a Swiss school you can do just that, whilst also helping students improve their knowledge and understanding of your language and culture.

You will work at a secondary school or vocational high school in Switzerland. This gives you the opportunity to gain experience in foreign language teaching, improve your language skills and deepen your knowledge of Switzerland and its education system.

The candidates must speak English as their mother tongue or to an equivalent standard and be aged between 21 and 30 years (as an exception max. 35). The overriding principle is that participation in the programme should retain the nature of a VET traineeship. Furthermore, attention is paid to ensuring that the age difference between the pupils/students and the language assistants is not too great so that a degree of closeness to the world in which they live is possible.

Candidates must have grown up abroad and have Swiss or EU citizenship.


The candidates must be able to show at least four half-year terms or have graduated in the following subject areas:
English, Language and Literature; English (EFL), as a foreign language; education.

Knowledge of German or French at a level of at least A2 is needed.


Knowledge in the field of education and teaching and independent work with split classes or groups are also required.



Movetia - Swiss agency for exchange and mobility
Edith Funicello, Project Manager, Language assistants

Please read the information on the movetia website carefully. When requesting forms, please indicate the desired language region (German or French-speaking) in order to avoid unnecessary mailings.