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Open Position in Zürich Oberland

Co-working in Uster

Part-time position - Starting in May 2021

Townsquare Lessons was set up in Uster in 2017 to provide English lessons for small groups of all levels. Since then, we have successfully added Spanish and French lessons to our gradually developing course programme. We are constantly seeking new popular lesson forms, our main focus lying on daytime classes and lessons for generations Boomer and X. Please see
Townsquare is a co-working set-up allowing individual tutors to provide high-quality lessons based on their own experience, methods and creativity. Due to the past lockdowns our small operation practically came to a standstill with only few online lessons left to organize. However, we are optimistic and counting on a growing post-pandemic demand for language education. During the last month inquiries for language lessons have already reached us again, encouraging us to get on with this small but exciting tutoring set-up. It allows us to share experiences and optimising timing of lessons to fit our own private schedules. In exchange for a fee, selected slots will be reserved for a tutor’s use only. In short, the joint infrastructure in Uster enables you to keep fixed costs low while benefitting directly from efforts put into lessons.  

We are now looking for an additional English teacher for levels B1 to C2. Please carefully consider the premises for this open position. As opposed to employment, tutors share the venue and any administrational and advertisement efforts. For the required independent tax filing status, you need to hold at least a B-Permit. Our tutors are motivated to provide creative and outstanding lessons, organize and set up their own classes. These efforts are strongly supported by Townsquare’s advertisement efforts online and the resulting direct inquiries. Support in terms of administrative issues or templates can also be obtained. The classroom, ideal for up to five students, is small but convenient, offering a pleasant learning environment much appreciated by current classes and tutors. It is located on the first floor of a historic brick house adjacent to a small park, often reminding students of a language school abroad. New team members will be carefully selected as the quality of Townsquare strongly depends on each individual tutor and the positive feedback coming from our student base.


You are a native speaker or equivalent and hold a CELTA / TESOL/ TEFL certificate. You have a passion for teaching, you are class-sensitive and able to identify student needs in small groups or 1:1 settings. English teaching is your prime business not one of your side skills. You live in the vicinity of Uster and have daytime slots available for tutoring.


You have a minimum of 7 years of teaching experience, ideally covering conversation classes, exam preparation and business lessons. Blended learning is a technique Townsquare stands for. You are interested in applying modern learning techniques as opposed to pure textbook methods. You have experience in creating your own lessons and planning your course objectives.


Looking forward to hearing from you at;
Marlene Fuchs Townsquare Lessons
Brauereistrasse 11, 8610 Uster