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Open Position in Different schools in cantons as Zurich, Basel, Zug, Jura

Boost your career and become a Language Assistant in a public school in Switzerland

Part-time position - Starting in August 2021

Would you like the opportunity to spend a year living and working in Switzerland? By becoming a Language Assistant in a Swiss school you can do just that, whilst also helping students improve their knowledge and understanding of your language and culture. This gives you the opportunity to gain experience in foreign language teaching, improve your language skills and deepen your knowledge of Switzerland and its education system. Interested people who fulfill the following requirements can take part in the programme. For more details please read the description on the website

The teaching commitment is 12 hours per week (16 lessons of 45 minutes each). The monthly minimum gross pay, i.e. the amount before any deductions is CHF 3,200 (net approx. CHF 2.550). This pay is geared to the cost of living for a single person. 


The candidates must speak English as their mother tongue or to an equivalent standard. They must be able to show at least four half-year terms or have graduated in the following subject areas: 

1. German, English, French, Language and Literature 

2. German (DaF), English (EFL), French (FLE), as a foreign language; 

3. Further fields of study, preferably with German, English, French Language or Literature as subsidiary subjects; 

4. University courses in education, teacher training college or university of applied arts and sciences. 

Interested people can request the application forms from Movetia. Details regarding the desired language region (German or French-speaking region) and information on the relevant knowledge of the language help to avoid unnecessary questions. 



A good general education, clear way of speaking in the mother tongue, knowledge in the field of education and teaching, and independent work with split classes or groupes are required. The participants are, as a rule, between 21 and 30 years of age. In justified cases (e.g. getting married and having a family or doing a second VET or PET), exceptions can also be made. The overriding principle is that participation in the programme should retain the nature of a VET traineeship. 


Dornacherstrasse 28a
4500 Solothurn