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Benefits of advertising with ETAS

ETAS promotes professional development among English language teachers in Switzerland and offers members a variety of opportunities to network, collaborate and share ideas, and to be informed of the most up-to-date methods and materials in teaching.

Advertising with ETAS will provide your association with access to over 450 teachers and 50 school organizations throughout Switzerland. Whether advertising in print (in the ETAS Journal), online (@ or sponsoring an event (AGM, PDD or one of the many Regional Workshops), the ETAS team will work with you to ensure your advertising needs are met.


Generally acceptable standards must be applied to protect members of the public from offensive, misleading and harmful material. Advertising should be suitable for our target members and aligned with the ETAS’s general mission, goals and guidelines. Because of its sensitive nature, any political and religious advertising / sponsoring as well as advertising / sponsoring for pornography and weapons are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the Executive Committee has the right to review controversial material and reject any advertising deemed unfit. All advertising and sponsorship arrangements must be legal, and must follow Swiss law.

The ETAS name and logo should not be used by commercial advertisers / sponsors except in joint promotions or when otherwise agreed in writing by the Executive Committee.

Published Advertising

ETAS retains editorial control and responsibility for all editorial content. Editorial content must not be created solely to provide an opportunity for advertising.

All advertising must be clearly presented as commercial content, distinct from editorial content. Advertising should not appear in a similar style to the editorial content to which it is adjacent so that consumers can clearly distinguish between editorial content and advertising. Where content has been sponsored, this must be signaled clearly through use of a sponsorship credit.

Online advertising (including mobile devices and apps)

Advertising should not unduly interrupt the relationship between the user and the editorial content without the user’s permission. Users should normally signal intent before receiving more intrusive forms of advertising (e.g. click).

Advertisement Features or online ‘microsites’ (i.e. advertising that is presented in an editorial style) must be clearly labelled, there must be no confusion between advertisement feature and editorial content. Advertisement features must be informative and interesting and add value for the reader and must avoid implying endorsement by ETAS.

All online advertising must comply with Swiss data protection laws and regulations, which controls how personal information is gathered and stored by companies.

Please check the following page to see how your ad will look on the ETAS website and to find a form where you can submit your ad.

Information for Advertisers

Advertising at events and exhibitions

Exhibitors at any ETAS event shall be treated as advertisers and are therefore subject to the same guidelines.


Sponsorship is where a third party (not engaged in the provision or production of content or an event) makes any contribution to the financing of content, an event or part of such with a view to promoting their name, activities or products. It is important that no sponsorship arrangements are perceived as endorsement by ETAS.

Sponsorship must be clearly identified as such by reference to the name and/or logo of the sponsor in a sponsorship billboard or any other similar sponsorship credit. Billboards / credits should explain the sponsor’s connection with the event e.g. “sponsored by”, “in association with” and must not suggest that the event has been organised by the sponsor.


Any further queries should be directed to the  ETAS Digital Advertising Coordinator

[Rev. Jun 2019]