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2019 PD Day Workshops Session B

B1 - Lindsay Clandfield - Six reasons to love the diversity of lists
Sponsor: ETAS

I love lists, and I think I'm not alone in this. To-do lists, top ten lists, shopping lists, best of lists, worst of lists, lists are everywhere - particularly so in the information age. In this lively and practical talk, we'll look at the popularity of lists and the different genres of lists. We'll examine the linguistic features of lists. We'll go over some of the most important lists in our field. And we'll cover some practical activities you can do with lists in the language classroom. Think we can get through that list in our session?

B2 - Ben Hoyt - Excel for ELT
Sponsor: Independent

This practical workshop will give an introduction to a number of simple ways Microsoft Excel can be used during your lesson prep and administration time. Do you calculate marks? Do you need to list things in alphabetical order? Do you have lots of names and email addresses to manage? Do you have handouts or exam documents that need slight changes every time you print them? Do you need to track billing and expenses for your business? All of these things (and many more) can be handled easily with Excel. Bring your laptop and do the exercises with the group or just watch and try them at home later. Everything will be available on the website after the conference.

B3 - Hazel Simpson and Sarah Hughes - Teaching Young Learners Using Authentic Materials - a hands on workshop
SIG: YL & Teens
Sponsor: Ahead with English

Hazel and Sarah would like to run a hands on workshop on teaching young learners English in a fun and engaging way, using original lesson plans that are based on popular children's books. Lesson plans include crafts, songs, rhymes and games.

B4 - Eva Göksel - The Hockey Sweater: Language and Culture Through Drama
SIG: CC; D&L; SCT & TE; TTD; YL & Teens
Sponsor: Independent

The process drama "The Hockey Sweater" was developed at the University of Teacher Education Zug, with the aim of introducing student teachers to drama in education as a holistic teaching approach. It showcases various drama conventions such as teacher-in-role, hot-seating, and still-images, as well as by introducing cultural and historical content by way of famous Canadian children’s book. The Hockey Sweater process drama explores small town life in rural Canada in 1946, examining the themes of ice hockey, of fitting in, and of English-French rivalries. The drama lesson is aimed at primary school teachers and learners, but the techniques used can be adapted to all ages and levels. Step into a fictional world for an hour of holistic learning and take a few new ideas home to try with your class.

B5 - Sylvia Goetze Wake - Developing your use of student peer-to-peer feedback in the classroom
Sponsor: University of Lausanne

In this workshop we will experiment with and explore ways to use peer feedback in the language classroom. Key questions will center on how student-to-student feedback can build a variety of skills, what these skills are, and how students themselves perceive peer feedback activities. If participants are interested, a brief look at using online tools for feedback will be included.

B6 - Jason Chan - How to Motivate Asian English Learners
Sponsor: Independent

The purpose of the proposed workshop is to raise the participants' awareness of differences in classroom behaviour of Asian learners and their counterparts. The workshop would also try to explain the reasons for which these differences exists, i.e. Cultural upbringing and educational system. Different motivation techniques will also be presented and discussed to help workshop participants in dealing with various Asian learning styles. The information present during the workshop would be derived from the presenter's own experience with Asian English learners, in addition to feedback and input from workshop participants. Workshop participants are expected to actively engage in role-plays and brainstorming to devise plans and strategies in situations involving unfamiliar Asian learning attitudes.

B7 - Spencer Fordham - The Future Success of your students powered by STEAM
Sponsor: Linguista Sprachaufenthalte

A must see workshop where you will be introduced to the award winning programme Future Success. This innovative programme has been designed to focus on the employability skills required by employers around the world. There will be a specific focus on why Swiss teachers and students need to be engaged in programmes designed around the passion and interests of students from an interdisciplinary perspective where students are empowered by their interests in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) as they look to further their studies and build their confidence through collaborative learning.

B8 - Iva Kabosch - Going digital with Testbank: Cambridge exams and IELTS preparation Institution
Sponsor: Cambridge University Press

If you prepare your students for Cambridge English exams or IELTS tests and you wish to know more about personalised practice, this interactive workshop is going to walk you through the process of computer-based testing both from the student’s and teacher’s perspective. Testbank is a unique digital tool from Cambridge University Press designed to help students practice in real exam conditions. It contains official practice tests for Cambridge English exams offering students a flexible opportunity to practice Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills either on their own or with their teacher’s supervision.