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Zurich 22 March / Basel 30 March Language Teaching goes 4D

Mediation Learning Objectives, Online descriptors, Roadmap, Business Partner…..WHAT?  Are these answers to a New York Times Crossword Puzzle?

The Council of Europe recently published a companion volume to the CEFR. Did I miss the memo?

This volume adds descriptors on Mediation and Online Competences.  What?

We all know that language is a way to communicate and that language encompasses a wide range of tools that go beyond knowledge of the present perfect and some vocabulary.  But do our students know this?  Do they realise they are ‘social agents’ and their communication skills include mediation and online competences?  What does this mean?  How can we help our students jump into 4D English?

Join Pearson, ETAS and academia as we navigate the waters of the Companion Volume using the GSE and Pearson’s exciting new coursebooks:  Roadmap and Business Partner.  We will reflect on what the new Companion Volume is and then go into workshop mode to demonstrate how Roadmap, Business Partner and other Pearson materials empower both students and teachers to master all modes of English language communication.

Workshop presenter:  Mary Patricia Schnueriger

Mary is Pearson's Teacher Trainer Switzerland and has been involved with language teaching and training since 1988. Mary has delivered workshops around Europe on a variety of topics and for a variety of events. Mary's particular focus is just a bit out of the box.

Dates, times & locations


When:       Friday, 22 March 2019
                  14.00 – 17:00

Where:      academia integration

                   Lagerstrasse 1

                   8004 Zürich


When:       Saturday, 30 March 2019
                  10.00  - 12.30

Where:      academia language school

                  Schifflände 1

                 4051 Basel 

Register:  (please state which event you would like to attend).

The event is free of charge and will feature a mini book exhibition.

We look forward to welcoming you!