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Call for Papers - ETAS Annual Conference, 16 January 2021

Location: International School of Berne, Gümligen

Submission deadline: the 8th of September, 2020.

Please take care when making your submission. Once accepted, the text you have entered here will be the text printed in the programme.

Please note that there will be no honorarium or expenses paid, including photocopies. However, accepted presenters will receive free entrance to the event.

You will receive a confirmation email after you submit this form from If you do not receive this confirmation or if you have any further questions please contact Jayne Kyte, National Events Chair,

Confirmation of accepted proposals will be sent by September 18th.

We need a phone number for all presenters. This will only be used in case of emergency.
Please write no more than 120 words. Overlength submissions will be edited.
We request all materials be licensed to the original authors so that our members know how they may be used; we recommend a Creative Commons license for this purpose.
Please write no more than 50 words. Overlength submissions will be edited.