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REVIEW Professional Development Day 2018, Liestal

Downloadable materials

These resources are contributions from diverse presenters at ETAS Professional Development Day 2018 and are intended for educational purposes.  ETAS encourages the use of Creative Commons licenses and takes all measures to ensure that copyright infringement is avoided. Copyright is the responsibility of the author. If any infringement is identified please contact the ETAS Web Chair at and we will remove the resource from the ETAS website immediately.


Plenary talks

Jon Hird: Dyslexia and Learning English - literacy and wider issues

Hugh Dellar: More than just the answers



Ben Hoyt: From IT to MyT slides and worksheet

David Kaufher and Ben Hoyt: Bringing ETAS to your neighbourhood

Hugh Dellar: Better listening outcomes

Jon Hird: Dyslexia and learning English - teaching grammar and vocabulary

Simon Brooks: What exactly is guided discovery? And how can we make the most of it in the EFL classroom?

Yuval Shomron: Unlocking shy adults


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