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REVIEW - ETAS-NILE Webinar - held on 4 October 2017 - Video Link!

Drama as a bridge to literacy – webinar with Susan Hillyard

Our first ever ETAS webinar was presented in collaboration with teacher educators NILE on 4 October 2017. Susan Hillyard is a teacher trainer, coach and materials writer based in Buenos Aires.

A few tidbits gleaned from her presentation:

  • Drama is an effective resource for the teaching of multiple literacies.
  • It is not theatre and can be applied in any subject.
  • According to Bloom’s taxonomy, drama is among the HOTS (higher order thinking skills) and brings the world into our classroom – with great benefits for the development of our learners’ literacy.

Susan actively involved the participants in her webinar and with her enthusiasm, wide knowledge and experience she gave a convincing plea that drama is the spice of ELT. Those who missed the live webinar can watch a recording here.