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Professional Development Day 2014

PD Day 2014 - Saturday, September 20th


Rob Dean's workshops (A12 & C11)

Teaching 1to1
Receptive skills

Birmingham student showcase (A11)

Susanne Oswald

Ben Hoyt: Slides / Paper

Annette Dober

Neil Bullock

Deborah Grossman, Deborah Grossman's dissertation

Dr. George F. Simons's workshop (A4)

Link to George's presentation here:
or here:

Digital Storytelling (B4)

Link to Illya Arnet-Clark's Prezi:

Cross cultural issues in marketing communications (B6)

Monika Simon's presentation

Welcome to the classroom: New coursebooks in use at secondary level I (C5)

Urs Kalberer's presentation

The power of the image (B7)

Paul Dummett's presentation

Teaching presentations made easy (C3)

Ken Ross's presentation

Teaching with tablets for Generation Z (A2)

Dorothea Fuchs Wyder's presentation

The not-not-so scientific approach: Really getting to know YOUR  clients (A10)

Dale Coulter's presentation

Culture: What matters, why it matters and how to makt it part of your training (A3)

Barry Tomalin's presentation

Collocation in the classroom (C12)

Dr. Crayton Walker's presentation

Dyslexia in the language classrooom (C10)

Link to Rachael Harris's Website on the workshop

PD Day 2014