Workshop: Story-based CLIL for Very Young Learners

Stories are considered a traditional treasure of each culture. A simple story can cater for all areas of children’s early learning. Children are immersed in the topic of the story in every activity they do and so they do not need long introductory activities and motivation at the beginning of each lesson. In every activity they can absorb and compare global perspective of different cultural backgrounds. In the workshop, we will explore the way of using stories as a platform for holistic development of a child; language skills, mathematics, science, music, art and craft and movement skills. Moreover, we will tackle with the CLILish way of introducing the language, which means language adoption without translation, on the base of previously adopted knowledge.

About Mgr. Sylvie Doláková

Sylvie is a teacher trainer focusing on teaching English to children aged 4-15, with many years of experience. She specialises in teaching English through art and stories, publishes language game books and story-based resource sets for children. She presents at webinars and conferences all around the world; she has also worked as an ELT consultant (NILE, Norwich, SOL Barnstaple, the British Council, LAKMA Lithuania, Inland Norway University, etc.)

Date: Wednesday 15 March 2023

Time: 18:30 – 19:30

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