Events for Young Learners and Teens SIG

Finding time to attend events can be difficult, and with so many online resources it can be tempting to conduct our continual professional development (CPD) from the sofa. Going to conferences, however, provides many benefits: the talks themselves, the connection with like-minded teachers, and the chance to ask questions, meet new people and discover new things. So wherever you are in Switzerland, here are some events we recommend:

ETAS Annual Conference This annual two-day event takes place every January, is packed with brilliant talks and is a great way to meet other teachers.

ETAS Professional Development Day: A great way to start the school year on the right foot.

IATEFL Conference: Here’s some strong advice: attend this conference, at least once! It runs a whole week, usually in April, and hosts hundreds of talks, workshops and forums.

An even better way to ‘up’ your CPD is to give a talk at one of these events! Got a great idea, something you feel strongly about, or simply something you want to learn more about? Then put in a proposal – preparing and giving a talk is a great way of structuring your ideas and sharing them with others. Too shy to present? Send an article to the ETAS Journal instead!