Karaoke Evening at the Annual Conference in Solothurn

After the Saturday evening dinner, Yuval Shomron will be hosting a Karaoke evening for all those present. Any brave souls are welcome to sign up. Get on the list early in case there are more requests than time available.

Karaoke is a good icebreaker for groups of people who do not know each other so well. We will have sing-a-longs and solos. If you’d like to do a solo, please send a link to your karaoke version from youtube, or the name of the song to yuval.shomron@e-tas.ch. He will be in touch with individual replies.

If you are not attending the dinner, it is possible to come to the karaoke session at the restaurant at 20:30.

Drinks and desserts will be available.

Looking forward to discovering some hidden ETAS talent!