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Winter 2015

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Special Supplement: Cross-Cultural Communication and ELT

Editor’s Notes: The articles in this Supplement once again exemplify the ever geographically-expanding sources of our contributions. Collectively, they engage in an impassioned call for an increasingly global mindset through their diverse subjects, themes, and approaches. Whether they are enlivening the debates around the traditional East-West binary or local/global opposition, questioning the mismatches between the teachers’ and learners’ expectations or between cross-culturally informed pedagogical approaches and learner assumptions, or highlighting the gap between what we think others mean and what they intend to say, these articles make a point – explicitly or implicitly – that effective intercultural communication goes beyond purely linguistic competence.

Content Overview

Main Article

  Word-formation for upper-intermediate level students / Daniel Xerri

Voices of Experience

    Building student confidence: Six ways to help students lead the way / Maria Theologidou

    Versatile walks and talks / Elsbeth Mäder

Special Supplement: Cross-Cultural Communication and ELT

  Foreword / David Kaufher and Christina Kwok


     On training techniques: The ‘golden treasure’ - Interview with Matthew Hill / David Kaufher and Christina Kwok

Voices of Cross Cultural Experience

    Is the native speaker model dead? / Barry Tomalin

    What’s in a word? How cultural identity narratives are hidden in our language / George F. Simons

    An American-Laotian in Austria / Nasy Inthisone Pfanner

    Murdering the bread / Elsbeth Mäder

Cross Cultural Communication in Educational Settings

    Cultural skills and their role in primary education in Switzerland / Illya Arnet-Clark

    Intercultural communication skills in an academic context / Sylvia Goetze Wake

    Cross-cultural competence and culturally responsive curriculum and instruction in higher education / Larissa Chuprina

Business English and Intercultural Training

   When language training ends: Building intercultural fluency / Matthew MacLachlan

   Testing intercultural competence in academic and corporate contexts: The WHAT and HOW / Judith Mader and Rudi Camerer

    Intercultural universe: Replacing the iceberg / Linda Vignac

    Bridging east-west communication styles / Christina Kwok

    Looking through the bamboo curtain: When a contract is not a contract / Christina Kwok

    Building trust across cultures in a virtual environment / Jackie Black

    Communicating and leading across borders / Jillaine Farrar

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