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Winter 2014

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Special Supplement: Creative Writing and ELT

Editor’s Notes: A great part of my happiness over this issue is seeing one of our boldest initiatives, the promotion of an ELT community of practice without borders, come to life – again, with contributions from authors whose professional backgrounds are as varied as their geographical origins, here in these pages united by a common passion for the creative arts and a love for great literature. This issue’s Special Supplement on Creative Writing and ELT offers only a sampling of what is a vast and vibrant field of inquiry. In fact, we easily could have published a double issue on this topic. Still, I have never been prouder of the articles, poems, and stories gathered here, their luminous energy providing the contours of this collection. However incomplete any assortment of articles on such a vast topic must be, my hope is that this particular Supplement will advance creative writing pedagogy and its application in the English classroom while inspiring many of our English teachers into becoming creative writers themselves.

Content Overview


    Creative writing for language learners (and teachers) / Alan Maley

    English teachers positioning themselves as poets / Daniel Xerri

    Creative writing and drama as ‘difference’ in the second language classroom / David Sandbrook  


   Creative writing for students and teachers: Some practical ideas / Alan Maley  

   Learners as writers: Notes from a creative writing workshop / Carolyn Skelton

   Measurements / Kevin Stein

   Imaginative responses: Integrating creative writing tasks into a university survey course on Scottish Literature / John Corbett

   Readability factors in language learner literature / Marcos Benevides

   Using cinquain poems to teach creative writing / Anne Hendler

   Re-imagining fairy tales / Jo Cummins

   Versatile topics: A Rollercoaster of creative writing / Elsbeth Mäder

   The greatest creative writing activity ever / Adam John Simpson

   Poetry and ‘plessos’: Student-teacher email exchange / Caroline J. Grünig-Manton

   Creative writing and ELT: Incidental treasure chest / Brigit Zogg

   Rhyming for vocabulary and pronunciation / Graham Tritt

   Teaching creative writing to dyslexic students / Rachael Harris

And more…