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Winter 2012

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Winter 2012 –  Special Feature: ETAS Crossing Borders: Voices from Greece

Editor’s Notes: It is amazing the journeys ETAS J has taken to a variety of geographic locations in just two years, each time returning to entrance us with the gifts of its travels: articles covering a wide range of the most recent issues worthy of notice in the field of English language teaching and learning. The diversity of cultures, learning environments, and expertise that informs them impact us in different ways while their cross-cultural and intercultural teaching perspectives offer complementary and contrasting viewpoints to our own experience, understanding, and practice of ELT. And, without doubt, they drive the growth of ETAS Journal, ensuring its contents are not only integrative and challenging but always vibrant, engaging, and accessible.

Our Main Articles section brings you four research-based practices and perspectives in ELT that span a wide range of topics, locations, and approaches. In addition to offering new ways of engaging with ELT, perhaps the unifying thread that connects the four articles presented in this section is the way each of them demonstrates the possibilities that research and theorizing may be used to inform, shape, and ground teaching practices and perspectives. In our next section, Voices of Experience, the place where sound theory informs practice, we are pleased to feature authors who make the connections between their theory-based practices and their practice-oriented theorizing.

Content Overview

Main Articles

Are teachers happy in the 21st century? A survey of teachers’ attitudes towards their profession / Helen Emery

Challenges in Business English teaching / Evan Frendo

The use of literature in ELT / Daniel Xerri and Stephanie Xerri Agius

Pictogloss: A student-driven process of activity development / Kevin Stein

Voices of Experience

   Silent movies 2 – The sequel / James Taylor

   A Business English lesson using task-based language teaching methods / Tom Smith

   Honing individuality: know your clients through graphical representation / Andreas Grundtvig

   52: Bailout – A sample lesson / James Taylor

   The Sound of Classroom Music / Nasy Inthisone Pfanner

And more…