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Winter 2010

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Winter 2010 – Special Supplement: Drama

Editor’s Notes: Welcome to the Winter 2010 edition of ETAS Journal. This volume brings together a wealth of articles that are as interesting and informative as they are richly varied. Over the years the much-anticipated Special Supplement has grown to become the backbone of every ETAS J issue. A project of individual ETAS SIGs, this section fills the need for themed issues and is particularly helpful as reference point for those interested in the topic. This present edition features Drama put together by Drama and Literature SIG coordinators, Nicole Küfper and Annalisa Ghidossi.

As I prepare for the challenge of chairing our Publications Committee next year, I see as my goal and that of my Editorial Team’s the exercise at all times of level-headed critical judgment in carrying out the mandate of ETAS Journal. Tentative future plans include, among others, adding (1) regular columns, such as Teachers’ Perspectives; (2) special categories, such as Inspired/Inspiring Practices to highlight papers dealing with teaching techniques and best classroom practices; (3) a full-length articles category featuring research-based and theoretically-grounded articles covering various aspects of English language teaching. Finally, we are hoping to introduce peer review, determined as we are to make ETAS J an outstanding international ESL journal that will link the needs of English teachers and language professionals for practical but stimulating tips for day-to-day teaching and professional enhancement with insights drawn from academic disciplines and scholarly practices. It is our hope then to bring out issues that are seamlessly relevant to the diverse membership of ETAS. It’s true “nothing is permanent but change,” but in insisting on publication of the finest quality, ETAS Journal remains the same.

Content Overview

Drama teaching beyond borders / Gillian Eames

Musical comedy and Lorenzo Mannetti / Annalisa Ghidossi

The power of mime / Mike Rutman

Vygotsky, Stanislavski, and Second Language Acquisition / Gary Carkin

Reflections on the 2007 Summer School for Palestine Teachers / John Airs

And more…