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Summer Journal 2021

Cover of journal issue Summer Journal 2021

Focus: Getting started in English Language Teaching (ELT)

The Special Supplement in the Summer Journal focuses on getting started in ELT. We hope that the broad range of articles will inspire readers to develop their careers in ELT and to look for ways to enrich their professional aspirations within this field. 

Jayne Kyte and Antoinette Breutel-O’Donoghue, Focus Editors




Table of Contents

6. President’s page 

7. From the Editor’s desk 

8. Call for articles 

10. ETAS news: Calling all independent teachers 

11. Call for Focus Editors 

Drama for listening: Practical ideas for livening up online teaching and learning 

by Eva Göksel 

Devendra’s ambition

by John Solloway 


Marjorie Rosenberg in conversation with Eva Göksel

Anita Fahrni in conversation with Barbara Althaus 


20. Introduction to Focus:
Getting started in English language teaching (ELT) Antoinette Breutel-O’Donoghue & Jayne Kyte 

21. Getting started 

John Potts 

22. CELTA: unexpectedly helpful 

Jakab Kaufmann 

23. Less is more...with DELTA

 Lorenzo Sclocco 

24. Teaching English in Switzerland:
never stop learning and doors will open 

Patricia Pullin 

26. Tips and resources from 20 years of teaching 

Natasha Costello 

28. 10 watercooler tips for a rookie (by a rookie)

 Chloe Esmonde 

30. My 5-year journey to self-employment 

Rose Travers 

32. How strong is your connection?
Building connections online with teachers around the world 

Olivia Price Bates

34. Becoming a niche teacher entrepreneur

 Dr. Carol Waites 

36. Becoming a teacher at a state high school in Switzerland: how to in 136 easy steps!
Jack Trythall 

39. Teaching English in the Swiss public school system 

Heather Lohman 

40. Making the transition from teaching to teacher training 

Neil McCutcheon 

42. 10 steps towards getting started as an ELT materials writer 

John Hughes 

44. How volunteering questions your teaching experience 

Katarzyna Bartoszuk 

45. The ghost of teachers past 

Maria Funes 

48. From the Archives • Getting started in English Language Teaching (ELT) 


60. Introduction to resources 

Hannah McCulloch 


Geoff Tranter 

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