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Summer 2015

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Special Supplement: Teaching English to Teens 

Editor’s NotesTaking up a large space in this volume are 10 articles, refocusing our attention on the challenging subject of teaching teenagers. Written by teachers and experts with long experience teaching teens, these articles aim to provide teachers with original activities that will inspire and engage teenage learners of English, capture and hold their interest, and activate learning across all four skills. Despite the variety of their subjects and approaches, these articles resonate with the central beliefs that (a) every child can learn in the right circumstances and that we, as educators, need to adapt to meet the needs of our learners, and (b) that learning must be engaging, social, and centered on the needs and strengths of the pupils. At the same time, the authors share valuable tips for finding the correct balance between respect and authority, acclaimed by teachers themselves as the secret behind making the teaching of teenagers a rewarding experience. All of them agree that when teachers align their beliefs with their practice, students succeed.

Content Overview

Main Article

   L1: A useful resource in the English language classroom? / Margarida Pereira

Voices of Experience

   Dialogues: Moving away from the words on the page in five easy steps / Kevin Stein

   The nine golden rules of using games in the language classroom / Adam John Simpson

Research-based Study

   Hot topic homework: Why it's all worth it (really) / Lynn Williams Leppich

Inspired/Inspiring Practices

   Teaching teenagers: Issues of motivation and discipline / Philip Prowse and Judy Garton-Sprenger

   The secret lives of Walter Mitty and Stanley Stone, or: Writing inspired by reading / Brigit Zogg

   Teaching teenagers (when you are not used to them!) / Tessa Woodward

   Picturebooks for teenagers: The House that Crack Built / Sandie Mourão

   A teen-friendly overview of the verb grammar of English narrative / Seth Lindstromberg

   Classroom noise and authoritativeness / Elena Antonopoulos

   This is boring…or is it? A fresh look at motivating teenagers / Rob Dean

   Using avatars in activities with teenagers / Elsien Gale

   Teaching teen bookworms / Vicky Loras

 And more ...