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Summer 2013

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Summer 2013 – Special Anniversary Issue: 30 Years of ETAS and beyond

Editor’s Note: Seeing how publishing articles by authors from outside our region elevates ETAS Journal’s profile and visibility rather than taking away from ETAS members, we remain keen on internationalizing the range of writers represented in our pages precisely for this very reason – to push back against the tendency to be isolated in our own time and place and provincial in our own outlook. As a happy consequence, ETAS Journal’s intellectual orientation and purview continue to be enriched by this diversity of voices, expertise, and cultures. So, loosening our geographical constraints once again, we are showcasing in all our sections just such diversity, beginning with our Main Articles section and all through the collections in our Voices of Experience.  

Paradoxically, it is this diversity that provides the element of coherence in this volume. We hope that through these efforts we are able to provide those of you who read our Journal consistently with an opportunity – whatever your areas of interest or expertise – to gain some sense of the latest developments in ELT in a variety of contexts. If significant parallels become visible through these juxtapositions of articles, or if we are able to help foster dialogue across boundaries, that is all the better. ETAS J just keeps traveling through time – and space!

Content Overview

Main Articles

    The cognitive classroom: Improving learning outcomes through an understanding of how the brain learns / Alex    


    An introduction to Systemic Functional Grammar / Phil Chappell

     Perceptions of English teachers about non-ELT graduates in the field / Ş. Ezgi Özel and Seçil Uygungil

     Professional Development in ELT: A contemporary approach for practitioners and academics / Eda Demirci and

     Merve  Karaca

     The need for mentoring / George Drivas

Voices of Experience

    World Builder / Kieran Donaghy

    Silent movies 3 / James Taylor

    10 speaking English activities using / Karenne Joy Sylvester

    Throw yourself into the mix / Laura Patsko

    The power of play for education and language development / Marisa Constantinides

    Vocabulary activities based on Social Interaction Learning Styles (SILS) / Tanju Devici

    Making grammar input lessons more effective – a collaborative project / Ana Maria Campanha

And more…