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Summer 2012

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Summer 2012 – Special Supplement: Research; Special Feature: ETAS Crossing Borders: Voices from Poland

Editor’s Notes: There is so much to say. This Summer Edition is no different and it leaves me beaming with pride that our amazing list of contributors coming from a wide variety of settings and cultures continues to grow while the quality of the article submissions just gets better with each new issue. Though the topics, themes, and approaches of these articles are remarkably diverse, they share one thing in common – a passionate engagement with English Language Teaching, whether in the domain of theory or in the field of practice, so that even if the articles deal with issues of local concern, their themes transcend national boundaries. Though products of their particular contexts, these works highlight parallels between regional and global concerns of English Language Teaching and English Language Studies.

Content Overview

Main Articles

Politeness, pragmatics, and ELF / Chia Suan Chong

Communities of practice in the language classroom: theory and reality / Brandee Strickland

Mapping the identity of an EAP student / Daniel Ling

Voices of Experience

Using film in ELT / Marián Steiner

The three As of an ace lesson: atmosphere, attitude, alternative / Anna Loseva

Across time and space: teaching English through Skype / Vicky Loras

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is my pronunciation best of all? / Nasy Inthisone Pfanner

And more…