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Summer 2011

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Summer 2011 – Special Supplement: Teaching English to Young Learners

Editor’s Notes: I have a few sources of exhilaration in this issue. First, it tells me that our ETAS community is alive and vital. Second, this issue is bigger because our Call for Articles is reaching our prospective readers and inspiring them to respond enthusiastically. And third, this issue contains new sections that I hope will continue to grow and attract contributors. The result is this impressive collection of writings that range from studies with sound theoretical frameworks to articles with clear pedagogical implications and/or applications in the areas of new materials or materials preparation, innovative classroom practices, needs assessment, curriculum design and development, IT application in learning/teaching strategies, second language writing and reading, cultural dimensions of language teaching and learning, and the impact of language and educational policies on classroom practice.

As the issue grew, it became clear that the pieces do speak to one another and the underlying themes and overt connections suggest themselves in a serendipitous way. I have spoken about this notion of dialog in my previous writings and this issue reaffirms my belief in ETAS J as a splendid forum on which the various views on English language teaching are reflecting and responding to one another. It is inevitable, of course, because ETAS J’s mission is to illuminate and perpetuate this dialog between and among ELT professionals. Our aim is to continue to offer our colleagues in the ELT profession not only good things to read, but also an enhanced sense of community, a chance to come out into the open, and compare notes.

Content Overview

Main Articles

The evolution of language methods: themes to guide the future / Julie Mangold

Metacognitive strategies in second language reading / Julie Mangold

Cognitive style and learning strategies / JoAnn Salvisberg

Voices of Experience

Extensive reading for Business English students: A waste of time? I don’t think so! /  Dorothy Sommer

Special Supplement: Teaching English to Young Learners

Am I repeating myself? Yes, I teach young learners / Dorothy Sommer

Primary English Language Teaching: A new trend / Caroline Briggs Ambrosi de Magistris Verzier

What’s in your hand? Using the iPod touch for learning English: The benefits and challenges of m-Learning / Kim Ashmore

Teaching English as a Second Language at Silobi Primary School, Zimbabwe / Teddy Hadebe

The learning affordances of picturebooks / Sandie Mourão

The ESL pre-school toolbox / Kate Egerton

Teaching with Bear: What teachers ask… / Mary Slattery

Language learning can be fun / Diane Simmons-Tomczak

Cross-curricular language learning through IMI – Involuntary Musical Imagery / Carole Nicoll

Classroom management and young learners / Naomi Moir

Responding to the challenges of the YL EFL classroom: A proactive approach / Ruth Benvegnen

Relaxation in the classroom / Marneta Viegas

Taking over a language school / Sarah Pralong

And more…