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Spring/Summer 2020

Cover of journal issue Spring/Summer 2020

This edition’s Focus is ESP and covers a wide range of disciplines, including English for: aviation, medicine, business, law, tourism, and catering and hospitality. The ESP focus has also influenced some of the other sections of this bumper Spring/Summer Journal including a number of book reviews for ESP related material, an interview with Derek Callan, and my first piece for the journal – a ‘Class Act’ introduction to writing and working with case studies in legal English.

The use of ICT in language teaching is a timely theme, and this is also covered in both the Focus ESP section and in a one-off From the Archives section – a selection of previously published articles that should prove useful for those of us who are currently teaching online. 

Thanks once again to everyone involved in bringing this edition of the ETAS Journal to press. And above all, thank you to all our members for your support of ETAS. A running theme through many of the articles in this edition is collaboration, and we need the support of this extraordinary network of dedicated teachers now more than ever. 

Matt Firth


ETAS Professional Development Day 

6  President’s Page 

7  From the Editor’s desk

8  Call for submissions: Winter 2020 and Summer 2021

10 Starting a conversation about the climate crisis: how green was the 36th ETAS Conference? 

12 Ask Alex 

At The Chalk Face
Uncovering our blind spots: using intercultural
assessments in teacher development  

Dr Esther Giger Robinson 

16 Class Act
Designing and working with case studies for Legal English

Matt Firth 

19  The Interview

Derek Callan in conversation with Matt Firth 

22  Introduction to Focus Matt Firth 

23  Motivation & Myth in ESP

 Charmaine Rückert 

26 Teachers do not need special content knowledge to be successful in ESP 

Geoff Tranter 

29 Transformative Opportunities in Tertiary Level ESP Courses in Switzerland 

Jason Parry and Adam Thomas 

31 “If you could just comment on what you're seeing?” Some thoughts on the teaching of conditionals and the use of data-driven learning with Business English learners
Evan Frendo 

34 Test development for English language proficiency in aeronautical communication 

Neil Bullock 

36 Can we help you? Communication skills for Customer Service 

Andrew and Sandra Milne-Skinner

40  The challenges and joys of teaching Medical English 

Sue Wood 

41  Classroom to Hospital Ward: Supporting Occupational English Test (OET) candidates in the workplace
Ros Wright 

44 You CAN teach legal English: the resources you need to get started 

Louise Kulbicki 

46 The Jus Lingua Project 

Peter Strutt 

48 Desperate measures for desperate times? Motivating tourism students in difficult times 

Iwonna Dubicka 

51 It works for me: tried and tested tasks for teaching business vocabulary 

Matt Firth 

53 From the Archives...teaching online

59 Resources

Introduction to Resources 

Hannah McCulloch 

74 After Class